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Your Tribute

Thank you for choosing to support us in memory of someone you love. By raising money in tribute of someone special, you - and they - will be allowing others to receive our care for years to come.

How your tribute will help:

We need to raise £7,500 every day to fund our services. This covers everything it takes to run Garden House Hospice Care: the food we freshly cook every day, the petrol that fuels our community nurses’ cars, the bills we pay to keep our building warm and clean, the training we give all our expert staff, and more.

This money is not provided by the NHS - they give us a third of our running costs. We rely on the generosity and kindness of people like you, who choose to contribute, to raise the rest.

We will spend every penny you donate wisely - where the need is greatest.

How you can give in tribute to a loved one:

If someone close to you has experienced our care, fundraising in their memory can be a meaningful and emotional thing to do. We are here to support you as much as you need.

Below are some ways you can help. You are welcome to come up with your own ideas too. Please get in touch if you would like to talk it through or ask us anything.


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