House clearance

We remove the hassle and stress of clearing a property in three easy steps.

How it works

1. Complete our online form, detailing all the initial information we need about the property.

2. We will review the information you have sent us and arrange a house visit to generate a quote.

3. Once you have agreed the quote, we will organise a date to carry out the house clearance.

Frequently asked questions

What area do you cover?

Our House Clearance service covers the Garden House Hospice Care 'catchment' area, which includes Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth, Royston and all the villages in between.

Is there a charge for the house clearance service?

Yes, this will depend on how much you need clearing. We will provide you with a quote upon completing our online form and arranging a house visit.

Is there a minimum size of clearance?

No, there is no minimal size of property. However, if you wish to donate just the odd piece of furniture, this can be arranged through our partners at Boxmove. Please see furniture collections for more information.

What items do you accept?

A wide range of household items including indoor and outdoor furniture, large and small electrical appliances, clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery, CDs, books and homeware.

Is there anything you will not clear?

We take almost everything, but for safety reasons have a list of items we cannot accept:


  • Oil, chemicals, medical waste and paint
  • Explosives, ammunition and weapons
  • Petrol, fuel and petrol machinery
  • Asbestos
  • Gas and compressed bottles
  • Building materials

Will items incur an additional charge?

Mattresses and sofas without a fire safety label or those not in a sellable condition will incur an additional charge. This is to cover the additional costs incurred by us to dispose of them, as opposed to reselling from our shops or The Depot.


"A huge thank you to all the team who did such an amazing job on my house clearance. My deep appreciation for their professionalism, humour and kindness."

— Chris, Letchworth

"Thank you to Garden House Hospice Care and your colleagues for the highly efficient, professional and sensitive way in which our mother's house was cleared last week."

— Richard, Luton