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Polly's story
In April 2024, Polly was given the devastating news she had stage four womb cancer. It was suggested for her to begin chemotherapy in hopes that it would shrink the tumour, but after her first session her lung began to collapse, and her heart started to fail. The decision was made for her to be transferred to Garden House Hospice Care where she made a miraculous recovery. This is her story.
Brian & Barbara's story
Brian is a regular member of our Healthy Memory Café, a weekly group held at our Ernest Gardiner Treatment Centre. The Café welcomes people like his wife Barbara who have dementia, and people like Brian himself who are their carers.
Roger's story
“Last week I was totally uncertain about what tomorrow was going to bring and I was scared. A week later I feel like a totally different person and I’m looking forward to life.”
Richard & Barbara's story
Barbara, who has Motor Neurone Disease, and her husband Richard are regulars at our Letchworth Community Hub. However, a recent decline in Barbara’s symptoms meant they were unable to attend for a short period. It was a difficult adjustment for the couple.
Anuraja's story
Grandfather of five and former civil engineer, Anuraja, was transferred to the Hospice after a fall inside his home and a call to 111 resulted in a hospital admission. The 81-year-old had been previously diagnosed with an optic nerve tumour which affects his eyesight and hormone imbalance, and years of steroid treatments led to the weakening of his leg and hip muscles, affecting his mobility and leaving him housebound.
Doris' story
Doris Jaszczak was admitted to the Hospice as an inpatient through our Frailty Service. After being diagnosed with anaemia, Doris had a blood transfusion and experienced health issues ever since. The former Hospice volunteer was heavily involved in our Charlie Chicks campaign and admitted she 'never expected' to be partaking of our services.
Robert's story
Robert King was one of the first people to benefit from our Frailty Service. The former electronics engineer previously spent much of his time at his daughter’s house for support and was admitted to hospital with a urine infection, where he then stayed for 11 days. His wish upon arriving at the Hospice was to get back to his own home.
Connie's story
Former nurse and midwife Connie Yearley lives happily in Letchworth, despite being partially sighted and deaf in one ear. In the past, she’s had successful treatment for colon cancer and is waiting for an operation for hernias. Before Christmas, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to hospital for 10 days, before a consultant suggested she could benefit from our frailty service.
Dorothy & Lillian's story
Dorothy and best friend Lilian moved to Stevenage together in 1956, where they volunteered in all sorts of organisations and groups and later became New Town pioneers. They were 'up to mischief' together until their late 70s, when their health began to decline. Dorothy's daughter, Jan, believes both of them would have benefitted from our frailty service.
Diane's story
Diane was a vibrant, shopping and car boot sale obsessed mother-of-two. At 62-years-old, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. Her family, including her older sister, Shirley, were devastated. Diane’s condition dramatically worsened within a short space of time and quickly, even with support from the Hospice at Home team, they needed more help.
John's story
John began suffering with depression and anxiety after being diagnosed with two cancers and Giant Cell Arteritis in a short space of time. But a recommendation from his neighbour to self-refer to our Rehab and Wellbeing service changed everything, and now he feels "a million dollars better".
Carol's story
Carol was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in November 2021 and received care on our Inpatient Unit from February 2022. She passed away in March that year, and her family decided to organise a charity ball in her memory on what would've been her 60th birthday, raising over £6,600.
Jackie's story
Spending time with loved ones is even more precious when people are facing the end of their life. Ellie shares how the holistic care her mum Jackie received at Garden House Hospice Care gave her comfort and enabled her family to stay by her side.
Ahmed's story
Ahmed, 79, has a rare heart condition which also affects his eyesight. He has been struggling with his mobility for many years but lockdown left him struggling to walk and afraid to leave the house.
Sheila & Derek's story
Sheila was introduced to the Hospice after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2021. Her husband Derek became quickly overwhelmed upon realising she would need continuous care, but the couple are now regulars at our Letchworth Community Hub, always attending with smiles on their faces.
Christopher's story
Christopher discovered he had an aggressive brain tumour after losing vision from the side of one eye last summer. His daughter, Charlotte, shares her perspective on her dad's story and the care the family received from the Hospice at Home team.
Bharat's story
Bharat, from Letchworth, has a lung condition called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and respiratory failure. Six weeks ago, he couldn't get up and walk to a chair across the room, but told us that since he has been attending classes in our Rehab and Wellbeing services to help with symptoms such as breathlessness, he can now walk 700-800 steps a day.
Kath & Rob's story
Kath was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and received a heart and lung transplant in 2013 which improved her health and enabled her to travel extensively with her husband, witness her daughter get married and see her two grandchildren born. In 2021, Kath was referred to the Hospice. Her husband, Rob, tells their story.
Dave's story
Dave White became a recognisable character very quickly during his stay on our Inpatient Unit, due to his favoured location being on the bench outside the Hospice reception, giving everyone a cheery 'hello' on their way in.
Elizabeth's story
Sisters Collette and Liz called felt they had nowhere left to turn when they contacted Lucy, our nurse who specialises in dementia care. But the call changed everything.
David's story
David Valentine was diagnosed with stage four cancer in January 2017 and passed away in November of the same year. Here, his daughter Sarah shares his story and the support he received from the Hospice.
David & Corinne's story
David was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2020. Following a referral to the Hospice, he received care at home from the Hospice at Home team and had two stays in the Inpatient Unit to control his symptoms and manage his pain. Six months after diagnosis, David sadly passed away with his wife Corinne by his side.
Alan's story
"They offer end of life care, but they're about living well. You don't know how long you've got - nobody does - but this is a lovely way to live until you die. I feel well supported to go home."
Philip's story
When our Admiral Nurse, Lucy, visited Philip, he was the main carer for his mother, Julie, and described himself as "making things up as he went along" in respect of looking after her. He was seeking an expert eye on what else he might be doing for her and to better understand what stage his mother's dementia was at.
Mac's story
"I got involved with Garden House Hospice Care after my wife died in July 2018. It took a long time for me to approach anyone. I wasn't in any fit state to talk to anyone but I did eventually get in touch about a year after she died."
Greta's story
Greta is 77 and lives on her own in Offley. She read an article in a local paper about the support we give patients who have heart failure, and thought it might be a way to help with her breathing problems. Initially anxious about getting in touch, she eventually called our Rehab and Wellbeing team.
Catherine's story
"The kids feel as 'normal' as normal can be. The death of your father is horrible lesson to have to learn at this age, and they're missing Scott terribly, but they don't feel like they're on their own."