For Healthcare Professionals

Welcome to our page exclusively for Healthcare Professionals.

We can work with your patients affected by or living with a life limiting illness. We offer advice and support to patients, their families and carers at varying stages in their journey.

For urgent clinical advice, please call us on 01462 679540

If you have a general enquiry, please either:

  • Telephone us during working hours on 01462 679540
  • Email Jayne Dingemans (not to be used for confidential information)
  • For enquiries to our Caldicott Guardian, these should be addressed to our Medical Director and Caldicott Guardian, Dr Sarah Bell or our Deputy Caldicott Guardian, Dr Ros Marvin, through the email

 Our Services:

Admissions may be for respite, symptom control, assessment or end of life care. Medical treatments may include blood transfusion, drainage of ascites, bisphosphonate or fluid infusion.

We aim to be flexible and responsive in arranging admissions and although most admissions are arranged between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, requests for appropriate admission out of hours are always considered. To arrange an admission please send a referral form plus any relevant background information, such as medication lists and information about past medical history and discuss with the sister coordinating admissions. To ensure that Hospice admission is the most appropriate option for a patient, we may ask for the patient to be reviewed by a suitably skilled healthcare professional, such as their GP, prior to agreeing to an admission. In addition, we will always need to confirm that the patient has agreed to be admitted to the Hospice. When it is felt an admission would be appropriate but we are unable for capacity reasons to offer an admission, we will endeavour to offer support to the patient and their family with our other services, such as Hospice at Home, until such time as it is possible for us to admit the patient.

This extends the Hospice services to patients who wish to be cared for or to die at home. Support can be provided on discharge from hospital or Hospice and for end of life care.

The Hospice at Home team aims to both complement and supplement the work of the Primary Healthcare Team and other agencies, working alongside GPs, Community Nurses, Community Specialist Palliative Care Nurses and Community Health Services.

Hospice at Home can provide practical nursing care as patients enter the terminal phase of their illness as well as emotional and psychological support to these patients, their families and carers.

The Hospice at Home team can also provide respite care.

We aim to be flexible and responsive in meeting the needs of patients and their families.

To request an assessment by the Hospice at Home team please send a referral form together with any relevant information, such as medical history and medication.

If the referral is urgent in nature, please also contact the Hospice at Home team by telephone to discuss.

On 01462 675758 between 9am – 5pm

or leave a non-urgent message on the answer machine and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

Alternatively, please contact the Hospice on 01462 679540 and ask to speak to a member of the inpatient nursing team.

Following referral, the Hospice at Home team may contact the referrer to discuss appropriate action or contact the patient/family directly to arrange the assessment. Appropriate care will then be planned in liaison with the patient, their family and the Community Nursing team.

Hospice at Home is a short term service and care will be reviewed regularly.

The Hawthorne Centre provides a range of clinics, workshops and groups to support people living with a life limiting condition. The service aims to promote self-management therefore enabling people to have a greater understanding of their needs and how best they can manage these as well as enabling them to know the support available to them and how to seek this appropriately.

Once referred to the Hawthorne Centre people can access medical and nursing clinics, physiotherapy, complementary therapy and spiritual or psychological support. They may also utilise group sessions such as fatigue and breathlessness management, exercise, music therapy or a Coping Well Course.

We meet with patients and their families to identify what is important to the person to achieve and then identify goals with them and agree how to work on these together. Each patient will be reviewed and once their goals are achieved they may end their episode of support with us but are able to referred back to the service should another need arise.

Caring for the psychological and spiritual needs of patients, family members and carers. Family Support is offered to ALL patients, family members and carers known to Garden House Hospice Care.

The Family Support Service provides psychological, emotional and spiritual support to Hospice patients, their family and friends through illness and on into bereavement.

There are various options for support dependent on need; Individual and couple counselling, support groups, coffee mornings and support groups are some of the choices available.

When needed, we also work with patients to support any children in the family. We do this by offering direct support to the family, providing information, books and resources and through liaising and supporting staff to work directly with the children in their school.

We offer spiritual care to all patients and families of any faith, as well as those who are unsure what they believe. Much of the spiritual care is offered one to one, but may also be for couples, families and faith groups. Links are maintained with faith leaders in the community to respond to needs expressed by people of different faiths and traditions. As time goes on, families are offered various opportunities to remember their loved ones through Services of Remembrance.

The Family Support Service is able to offer advice to other professionals and organisations and works in collaboration with others in providing care. Education sessions are regularly offered to the wider community.

Out patient appointments with the Hospice Medical Team can be arranged, usually during Hospice out patient clinics on Thursday and Friday mornings, although appointments are available by prior arrangement outside of these times.

Patients are usually seen for management of symptom control issues, such as pain or nausea. In addition, during outpatient consultations, the opportunity may arise to undertake advance care planning conversations and provide support for both the patient and their family.

An out patient referral may sometimes also be an appropriate way to introduce a patient to Hospice services and it may also be possible, where appropriate, for a patient to be seen both by a member of the medical team as well as other allied health care professionals, such as by a physiotherapist or complementary therapist, during the same visit to the Hospice.

In addition to seeing patients for out patient consultations, it may be possible to offer out patient treatments, such as blood transfusions, infusions of bisphosphonates or paracentesis. Before any such treatment can be arranged, patients always need to be seen first for an out patient consultation, to assess whether it would be appropriate and safe for the patient to receive the relevant treatment as a day case at the Hospice.

With regret, we are not able to safely arrange emergency out patient treatments and in such circumstances would recommend contacting the relevant NHS Trust.

If you have any questions about referring a patient for an out patient consultation or out patient treatment, please telephone us during working hours on 01462 679450 to discuss the situation with a member of the Hospice team.

Patients may be assessed at home by a member of the Hospice Medical Team if the patient is unable to come to the Hospice. The most common reasons for a medical home assessment is in regards to difficult symptom control or end of life care issues. Before agreeing to undertake a home visit, it is essential that both the patient and the patient’s GP are happy for the Hospice doctor to be involved in this way. Although such home visits will always be carried out in a timely fashion, it may not be possible to arrange urgent assessments and in cases of urgent need, we would advise telephoning the Hospice to discuss the case directly with a member of the medical team on 01462 679450.