How your money helps

We can only say 'yes' to the 2,000 local people every year who need our services, because of your support. 

It costs us £7.7m a year to provide our services free of charge. We are an independent charity and rely on the generosity of public donations to fund two thirds of that cost. The remaining third is paid for by NHS contracts. We have a daily fundraising target of £15,300. 

Where does my money go?

For every £1 you give:

  • 90p is spent funding our patient services. This covers salaries, travel costs, medical supplies, our energy bills, catering costs and raising awareness of our services
  • 10p is used to raised the next £1

Each £1 donated to Garden House Hospice Care makes a difference. We will spend your money where it's most needed, and as carefully as possible.


How we put your £1 to work

  • 60p goes towards patient services, including the salaries of our staff, their travel costs and the drugs and medical supplies we need
  • 14p is spent on maintaining our buildings, purchasing and upkeeping equipment, keeping our environment clean and safe for our patients, cooking nutritious meals and paying our energy bills
  • 13p covers the cost of our support teams, including HR, IT, finance and our marketing team, who raise awareness of our services and our charitable cause
  • 10p is used to raise the next £1 by our fundraising team
  • 3p funds the education and training we provide our staff and others working in hospitals and care homes

Ahmed's story 

Ahmed was struggling with his mobility as a result of a long-term, rare heart condition and was a result, was lacking in confidence and unable to enjoy time with grandchildren.

Since attending strength and balance classes run by our Rehab and Wellbeing service, not only has his strength improved, he's got his confidence back.

"Last year when we went on holiday with our grandchildren I wasn't able to join in," said Ahmed. "It was a different story this year! We went for a short break and I had so much fun going out and about.

Read Ahmed's full story


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