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Under 18 Volunteer Application Form

You must be at least 16 year old to volunteer with us.


If you are still in full-time education and under 18 years old, we require consent from a parent/guardian both to your volunteering and to us processing your data in accordance with the Data Protection/Information Governance statement below. I understand that by providing consent for the above-named person to undertake volunteering with Garden House Hospice Care that all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the health and safety of that individual whilst on the premises of Garden House Hospice Care. 

Statement of Confidentiality (please read before signing)

I agree that I will hold in strict confidence any privileged or sensitive information concerning patients, staff, volunteers, or supporters regarding the hospice.

I will not divulge such information to any unauthorised person or organisation or discuss such information in any public areas, including social media.

I understand that such confidential or personal information includes a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, particulars relating to his/her condition, and any other individual information, such as age, address, family details or other circumstances.

I confirm I will attend/undertake the relevant statutory and mandatory training as required for my role.

I can confirm that I have no self-interest(s)* that could conflict me from becoming a volunteer and I have no self-gain from volunteering for Garden House Hospice Care (*this can refer to being an auctioneer, actively buying and selling things online and elsewhere, an antique dealer or any other personal or social gain – this list is not exhaustive)

I consent to my contact details being passed onto the relevant manager, and for the Volunteer Engagement Team to utilize my data then destroy securely once no longer required. 

I understand that any disclosures of confidential information could result in me being asked to cease volunteering for the organisation.

To complete your application form and indicate that you agree with the Statement of Confidentiality, please sign below


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