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Your stories

Whatever your diagnosis, we will by your side offering support and care you can rely on throughout your journey, making every moment count.

Our services and support touch hundreds of patients, their families and carers in our community each year.

Hear from the people who matter most to us, as they share their stories and experiences of Garden House Hospice Care.

Personal stories are vital in supporting us to access valuable charitable income to support more local people, like you. If you are interested in sharing your experience with us, please email

Sarah’s story

"GHH became our home, the kitchen was always full of cake lovingly made by volunteers and there was always someone on hand to make a cup of tea or coffee and lend a sympathetic and understanding ear."

David & Corinne’s Story

"The Hospice was really beautiful; we could see out into the garden outside. It wasn’t at all dark and narrow corridors, it seemed a very professional but also a very family friendly place."

Alan's Story

They offer end of life care, but theyre about living well. You dont know how long youve got, nobody does, but this is a lovely way to live until you die. I feel well supported to go home."

Philip’s story

When Lucy visited Philip, he was the main carer for his mother, Julie, and described himself as making things up as he went along” in respect of looking after her. He was seeking an expert eye on what else he might be doing for her and to better understand what stage his mothers dementia was at.

Mac's story

“I got involved with Garden House Hospice after my wife died in July 2018. It took a long time for me to approach anyone. I wasn’t in any fit state to talk to anyone but I did eventually get in touch with Garden House Hospice about a year after she died."

Greta’s Story

“I start with a lap around the garden to get me walking again and to get me motivated. Then I do a few little weights to help build up my muscles. I’m normally shut inside all the time so I like seeing all the flowers and being in the fresh air."

Catherine’s Story

"The kids feel as ‘normal’ as normal can be. The death of your father is horrible lesson to have to learn at this age, and they’re missing Scott terribly, but they don’t feel like they’re on their own."


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