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Mac's story

“I got involved with Garden House Hospice after my wife died in July 2018. It took a long time for me to approach anyone. I wasn’t in any fit state to talk to anyone but I did eventually get in touch with Garden House Hospice about a year after she died.

“I had the best wife in the world. I keep her ashes in the bedroom. I still feel very close to her and I love her deeply.

“I started having therapy with Kim who was such a lovely counsellor, she was absolutely brilliant. I told her I didn’t think I was ready to be on my own after the normal 6 weeks and the Hospice agreed to give me another 4 weeks’ counselling which was so helpful. Our last meeting was quite emotional for both me and Kim. She told me about Compassionate Neighbours and that’s how I got to know Trisha. It’s done me a lot of good.

“Compassionate Neighbours and the church have done a lot for my wellbeing. I was suicidal and I was ready to take my life. My youngest daughter came round to see me and she cleared all the medications from the house. That’s when I thought I’ve got to do something now, and that’s when I contacted Garden House Hospice.

“It’s brilliant to come back to the hub. We’ve been looking forward to it for such a long time. I have my moments and I still get down but it helps that I’m involved with the church 6 days a week. I’m getting my act together a bit. I spent a lot of time in my flat not talking to anyone, just staring at the walls, so I decided to get it all redecorated – and it’s now a new lease of life and the next thing is to get my little garden sorted.

“It’s lovely to come back to the hub and to see friends again, instead of talking on the telephone. Six of us did meet up a couple of time when we were allowed to and I met up with Trisha once too, but apart from that it’s been either the living room or the church for me.

“Compassionate Neighbours have been a life-saver. They literally saved my life.”

“I was a wreck beforehand, but now I get out in the garden and chat with neighbours. It took me a long time to even do that. It was the Compassionate Neighbours that put me together. I’ve got nothing but praise for them. “


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Crafted by Seraph