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Alan's Story

Alan had been feeling unwell in lockdown and didnt want to go to the doctors due to Covid-19. After a few months the pain got worse and he called for an ambulance.

I was taken to Hospital and within half an hour I was told I had cancer which had spread. I asked what my prognosis was and the doctor said:Its not good.

Ive had a good life and Ive been lucky in my health. I was happy to come to the Hospice. I obviously discussed it with my wife, but shes got Alzheimers so she doesnt understand a lot. Its hard to leave her.

I think most people see a Hospice as the end, the end of the story. I was in IPU for two weeks and I feel better now than I have for two years. When I came in I thought I was here to die but the Hospice is so happy, and everyone is so kind. I felt so secure and so safe. It really is a happy place.

I fell in love with my wife 56 years ago, and we are still very deeply in love. My wife was visiting and she smelt a rose which was in the IPU. The staff noticed and unbeknownst to us, they picked three more from the garden and put them in a vase for me. They told us theyd do a dinner for us. We had the room to ourselves; staff had scattered rose petals on the table and we had a candlelit meal. We were so overwhelmed; what a lovely thing to do.

They offer end of life care, but theyre about living well. You dont know how long youve got, nobody does, but this is a lovely way to live until you die. I feel well supported to go home.

Its hard to sum up what I think of the Hospice but Ive not taken a step back since Ive been here. Little steps at a time but always forwards. I couldnt get out of bed or go the toilet on my own. They are wonderful, they do anything for you.”


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