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Community Engagement

NEW Educational Service for Schools, Colleges and Youth Organisations

This is an exciting new service that will support and enrich children’s learning through a range of assemblies, lesson talks and schools’ projects.  These can be tailored to different ages and to individual curriculum requirements, such as:

Beth and Bear
 - Values – caring and compassion, love and kindness;                           empathy;

 - PSHE – living in the wider world: support in the local                         community; health and wellbeing;

 - Citizenship – recognising the role of voluntary                                            organisations in the community; charities

 - Health and Social Care

Philosophy and Ethics


We aim to deepen children’s understanding of the work we do at Garden House Hospice Care, the wider Hospice movement and promote awareness of palliative care services in the community.

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Contact us

To learn more about how we can support your school, college or youth organisation, please contact:

Susannah Parry, our Community Engagement Schools and Colleges Co-ordinator

on 01462 416788, or email