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Lucy’s top tips for staying well this winter

Lucy Heaps is our Senior Occupational Therapist at the Hospice, focussing on supporting our patients across Day Services, Hospice at Home and IPU to maintain their independence after diagnosis, empowering them to do things they enjoy. Lucy shares some top tips with us to stay well over the winter months.

The black squirrels in the Hospice Garden are getting ready for winter, and it serves as a great reminder that we too should think ahead so we can look after ourselves as the seasons change.

  • Cold weather and dark evenings often leave us craving comfort foods. Make sure you eat a variety of foods and continue to eat your ‘five a day’.
  • Get outdoors in the fresh air. There is no such thing as bad weather, so make sure you wear layers and get your hats, scarves and waterproof coats out in readiness. Take notice of the beautiful trees as they provide a wonderful display of colours.
  • Build yourselves a small exercise plan to follow. This could be a walk around the lake or your local neighbourhoods.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Routine is key, so try not to fall into the trap of staying in bed longer, as this can impact on your ability to be productive during the day.
  • Be kind to yourselves and those important in your life. We continue to live through strange and challenging times. Try not to place unrealistic expectations on yourselves and others.

Make a Winter Self-Care Box

Take a moment to think about things that you could put in your box. To give you some ideas, in my box this year I shall be putting the following items:

A list of my favourite feel-good songs to play

  • A fantastically smelling hand cream to treat myself to a mini aromatherapy session
  • A small cross stitch to complete, as it’s been years since I allowed myself time to craft
  • Some colouring pencils and a sketch pad - a doodle can be a work of art after all!
  • A book I enjoyed as a child, for a bit of reminiscence
  • A hot chocolate sachet, and a relaxing tea bag, so I can sit and snuggle up with a hot drink by the fireside

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