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Lights of Life is our way of saying ‘you still matter’

Tracey is a counsellor and she specialises in childhood bereavement. She works within our family support team.

Lights of Life is our way of saying ‘you still matter’. It is our tribute to your loved ones and it gives you a chance to stop and spend time remembering.”

What I love about my work is connecting with people, but connection is something we’ve all struggled with through the pandemic.

I see my role as walking alongside young people, getting a sense of being in their shoes, completing part of the journey with them and leaving them with the strength to go on alone. Each person is unique, so I take the time to value them as individuals, validating their feelings and understanding what that person in front of me needs and working with them accordingly.

Therefore, my colleagues and I have found it really difficult being unable to support people
in the ways we normally would, but we didn’t let it stop us. We introduced sessions over the phone or online and organised appointments in our gardens. Despite everything, we have always remained at the end of the line for anyone who needed us.

It’s been a time of real anxiety for everyone,
with the uncertainties of lockdowns and then of returning to ‘normal’. For those also experiencing the illness of a close family member, this anxiety has been amplified by things such as carers

coming into their homes, maybe the interruption of their loved one’s treatment and the loss of access to their friendship network. Many people, sadly, have been unable to be with their loved ones when they died, or experienced a restricted ‘covid-safe’ funeral.

Things feel more positive now; by adopting technology into our service we are able to see more people and we have found that for many, it’s a preferable way to access our support. That said, referrals are consistently high and increasing. By supporting Lights of Life, you will be helping us meet the demand for holistic, emotional and psychological support that people really need.

Lights of Life is about bringing people together, providing comfort, and restoring connections, be it with the Hospice, with each other, or with the person you love and miss. By remembering in the way that is right for you, you are also remembering for the future care my colleagues and I are ready to provide to others - no matter what else comes our way.

Thank you.

Find out more about our festival of remembrance by visiting our Lights of Life page.


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