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Open House Summer 2021

Hot off the press, your Summer 2021 issue of Open House is out now!

In this issue of Open House we celebrate Volunteers' Week, bring you fundraising events you really won't want to miss and we meet local families we support, thanks to you. Plus there's plenty more to read too!

It is clear that the support you have given us at Garden House Hospice Care is because you care about the work we do and the people who need us. We have witnessed clinical colleagues putting their own fears, troubles and exhaustion aside to continue coming to work and put our patients first. We can assure you that your support really has made a difference and we are so grateful.

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On behalf of everyone at Garden House Hospice Care, thank you. We hope you enjoy reading the stories in our summer Open House newsletter and take pride knowing that thanks to people like you, we continue to care for local families who need us most.

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