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Barry's story

Barry is 76 and has lived in Letchworth for 15 years.

He explains the difference coming to the Hawthorne Centre has made on him as he lives with COPD and bronchiectasis, which is where the airways of the lungs become widened, leading to a build-up of excess mucus that can make the lungs more vulnerable to infection.

“Having these conditions got me a bit distressed at one time. I was advised that exercise would help me and that just on my doorstep, Garden House Hospice would be able to provide what I needed.

“I didn’t really understand how working my quads would benefit my breathing but I now understand the holistic approach – that increasing oxygen levels in any part of the body will benefit other parts of your body, so it all makes sense now.

“I jumped at the chance and have been coming for almost a year. Coming to the Hawthorne Centre has made a huge difference. I’ve certainly improved.”

Barry comes to the Hawthorne Centre once a week but he also joins Zoom lessons a couple of times a week.

“Coming to the Hospice has helped me so much practically. I would very strongly recommend coming here. The biggest thing I’ve found is that the Hawthorne Centre is a place of hope that can help everybody. I wouldn’t be without it – I’m so grateful.

“There’s been a vast improvement in my energy levels and my breathing, and I can’t overemphasise the mental benefits as well. Just coming in here and being able to talk to some very cheerful, dedicated people is a real incentive for my mood to be much better than it could be, so it’s a win-win all round for me.”

“The Hospice has helped pull me through. We've all been challenged by isolation but if you have a medical condition it compounds the situation. Aside all the other benefits I get from the exercise, it’s good to get to talk to people. It’s made a huge difference to me - I can’t bear to think about what things would have been like without it.

"I love everything about this place - there’s a feeling of cheerfulness and hope that goes along with all the practical help you get – you really can’t put a price on that.”

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