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Our staff and volunteers often tell us how rewarding they find it to work at the Hospice.

We recently sat down with colleagues from our Inpatient Unit and Community team to find out why they love working at Garden House Hospice Care and discovered their pride in providing the highest standards of care to our patients.

Marion - Healthcare Assistant, Inpatient Unit

I wanted to work in palliative care for a few reasons. I lost my mum and my dad years ago and I was with them when they passed away. It was the hardest time of my life. With my dad the carers were just so lovely and caring and they also looked after me as well. It was something that I thought I’d like to do. I took a career change and wanted to make sure it was the right thing for me. I wanted to end my working life looking after people and caring for them like the carers cared for my dad.

Sendra – Senior Healthcare Assistant, Inpatient Unit

"A few years ago, two of my neighbours worked at the Hospice. We often spoke about the Hospice and each week I’d read a lovely article in the local paper about it. I remember thinking ‘I need to work there one day’ and here I am.

It’s a lovely place to work. My work colleagues are very supportive and it’s a very calm and peaceful environment. We care for every patient. We think about their needs and keep that as a centre of our focus.

I love to care for my patients and that is what drives me here every single day."

Cathy – Team Lead, Hospice at Home / Continuing Healthcare Team

"It’s such a privilege to support people at the tail end of their lives and their families in what is sometimes a very, very difficult time.

In the moments after someone has passed, when the family say ‘thank you’ because they couldn’t have managed without you being there – that’s just such a privilege."

Alison – Senior Staff Nurse, Inpatient Unit

"It’s great to work for your local community and also a charity, which is very rewarding and fulfilling. It takes me personally back to why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place. Holistic care has always been part of what I love and what is essential.

"We have the time to spend with our patients, creating a safe environment where we can look at all their needs, which doesn’t just include their physical needs, it also includes their mind, body and soul needs as well."

Dawn – Hospice at Home Healthcare Assistant

"I love working as part of the Hospice at Home team. I’ve always really enjoyed palliative care and love working in the community. Our work is not just about the patient, it’s about the family as well. If I could pick three words to describe the Hospice, they would be caring, inclusive and family. I’m just so proud to be a Hospice at Home Healthcare Assistant."

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