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"I've got my mojo back now"

Kevin from Royston developed asthma when he was 35 and was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago, which has a significant impact on his quality of life. He tried an 8-week exercise course through the NHS before accessing our Hawthorne Centre services.

“I was a bit apprehensive before I came the first time. I’ve been coming for about 4 years now, apart from when Covid-19 closed the Centre down. I was walking quite a distance, but during the first lockdown I went downhill, and I had to go into hospital three times. By August time I could only just about walk five or six steps to get to the toilet. When I came back in September I was in a wheelchair.

“They had to wheelchair me in for about three weeks, but I soon got back on the treadmill and did the other exercises with weights. I started to improve and I’m now up to 18 minutes on the treadmill and I’ve doubled the weights I can lift.

“It’s a rare treat coming to the Hospice on a Wednesday. It’s like being allowed out after being locked away. I was pretty much bedridden before I came back in September and I can’t see anything would have changed without the support of the Hawthorne Centre.

“I’ve got a much better life than before. I can’t praise the Hospice enough. My quality of life had gone down to nothing, but I’ve got my mojo back now. My partner Martine is happy too because I can do things around the house again, like the washing up. So it’s onwards and upwards.

“I love nature, especially birdwatching and I really miss being outside. It’s always better to be a participant than a spectator, so I’m hoping to be able to get outside very soon. For me, being able to get outside is the difference between enjoying life and not.

“It’s great I can still function with my lungs the way they are. The Hospice has made me feel positive about the future. Without it I’d be isolated and I’d get quite despondent - their support has made all the difference.”

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