Friday 19 October 2018

Trek Borneo Day 8


Day 8, a day for the animal lovers… Today, our lucky team of 11 will arrive at the world-famous Sepilok orangutan sanctuary, where they’ll have the chance to see and learn about these amazing animals as they’re slowly reintegrated into the wild. They’ll even have a chance to walk through the reserve and see the orangutans up close.

After an action-packed week, they’ll enjoy their final night with a stay at the Sepilok Jungle Resort and a celebratory farewell dinner, sharing stories from their trip of a lifetime.

Tomorrow our team start their journey back home to reality after an incredible trip, with amazing friendships and memories made.

Between them they’ve raised over £55,000 for patients, their families and carers in the local area, taking on new challenges and going out of their comfort zone to support their local community today, tomorrow and in the future.

jungle update

“We woke up at 5am to a fabulous breakfast today. Pancakes, omelettes, sausages and beans plus cereals ... we dined over the river which has an eery mist. 

Our bags were loaded onto a river boat at 6:50am prompt and us in a similar vessel and off we went to all arrive at our mini bus.

Today was exciting and our rest day! We went to the Sepaloc orangutan sanctuary.

We arrived, and within minutes saw an orangutan, he was showing off in front of us. We got close enough for some great photos (Keiron and Des are our awesome photographers!)

Rescued baby orangutans stay here until they are eight years old and ready to become parents in the wild. The sanctuary is actually ‘open’ so wild orangutan can visit and leave too! 

We saw the alpha Male with his hareem, he had the puffed up cheeks showing his status!

The babies!! Oh my, Anna wanted to try sneak them home. We also saw Sun Bears they were in the sanctuary next door. 

It made a nice change to hear ahhh instead of arghh from our wonderful little GHHC trek team.

A few of us were still struggling going up and down stairs with our aching limbs ...

We saw some amazing sights.. we have ticked off almost every animal we wanted to see, many in their natural habitat...

Late afternoon we all enjoyed a swim in torrential rain, in our new hotels swimming pool (yes a hotel folks.... we have made it !!! We were at the end of our journey almost - We were about to sleep in normal people habitats - we were so excited!!) tonight we have these things called beds!!! 

it was great fun in the pool ... we were joined by some fellow Brit’s from Nottingham ... we played ball and had a swimming lesson from Jane our tour guide from different travel.

Poor Liz lost a contact lense. Des nearly lost something more precious with a risky belly flop. Our two Janes excelled at the pool ball game, Tracey was the new David Bailey with her waterproof camera! Anna, well Anna just constantly makes me laugh with her joyous sense of humour - Gill was busy looking after everyone as always, with a huge smile on her face.

Keiron and Murray were very competitive with Tim in pool ball game, and also with the pool diving - Murray stole the show with a swift martial arts jumping side kick dive into the pool. 
Angie was giving the ball a good old thump during the pool ball game and was giving it all her usual enthusiasm. 

What a great day we had.

The trekkers were in awe of Lisa’s bruises, she had spent quite a lot of time falling or slipping during the trek and the group earlier likened her to a Pygmy elephant they saw fall into a lake ! “

Tonight, the group are enjoying their last night together before starting the journey home. We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!


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Are you looking for a new challenge for 2019? 

We are VERY excited to announce our 2019 overseas challenge…Journey Through the Sahara. The challenge will be running 26th October - 2nd November 2019, including a 3 day trek stopping overnight to camp under the stars of the Sahara, the third largest and hottest desert in the world, as well as assisting a local community project in Marrakech. For for more information please call the Fundraising Team on 01462 679540