Monday 15 October 2018

Trek Borneo Day 4


Today our trekkers continue with a 9.5km journey through paddy fields and rivers, across bridges and past fruit orchards and rubber trees before entering the jungle and ascending from 600m to 1080m to Nunuk Camp.

Along the way, guides will share their knowledge of jungle survival such as how to identify plants, edible fruits and foods.

Jungle Update

We had a very long noisy night. Animal noises, external laughter but we fell asleep promptly then seemed to wake up at 11pm but we thought it was later than it was.

We got up at 5am to start our new day. Jane, Angie and Tracey all decided after such a tough day on day three that they would spend the next two days in a local village. We were warned day four was seriously hard as it had a 45 degree incline all day. Family and friends, they are all fine, they were simply being sensible and working within their comfort zones.

Where do we start…Keiron, Liz, Tim, Murray, Des, Gill, Anna, Lisa and our amazing guide Jane all opted for the very hard day four. Hard was an understatement!

We trekked deep into jungle at an incline we cannot begin to describe. We pulled ourselves up by tree roots and sheer determination. It felt terrifying yet magnificent at times. Only the brave could look behind them, as the drop was tremendous. At times we looked up wondering how on earth we could get to where Peter our guide was.

We saw vines, fungi, magnificent orchids. We heard a symphony of bird song. To date again animal wise all we have seen is dogs, a cockroach and a biting centipede. Oooh and leeches hundreds of leeches. Anna was thrilled as at long last she got to use her plastic skin on poor Des who had a leech bite that didn’t stop bleeding. Des is absolutely fine! We all seemed to suffer leech bites today. Murray has one on his tummy, Lisa her thigh, Jane her foot, Anna her arm, Gill had three on her ankles.

I cannot put into words how tough today was. At times a few is us wanted to cry BUT we didn’t. The climb went on for over six hours. We stopped for a moment to look at lunch as most were too fatigued to eat. Then the rain started again. It wasn’t as severe as the day before thankfully but it was coupled with an light electrical storm. We tripped on roots on the flat ground, it was thick and hard to get through, we were in very deep undergrowth.

There were times we wanted to give up but the determination of each and every Trekker made me so proud. Our guides are wonderful people, so caring and strong. And we adore cook!!

Our room for the night was a wooden stilt hut with no sides and corrugated steel roof with holes in it. We loved it as we were all together - we felt surprisingly safe as a dog slept as our guard, he barked once in the night and our guards’ torches went on immediately to check what it was.

Imagine the hardest physical task ever and times it by ten with a dollop of fear and that’s what we did today. We are all feeling proud of what we accomplished today. We have never done anything so physically demanding!


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Are you looking for a new challenge for 2019? 

We are VERY excited to announce our 2019 overseas challenge…Journey Through the Sahara. The challenge will be running 26th October - 2nd November 2019, including a 3 day trek stopping overnight to camp under the stars of the Sahara, the third largest and hottest desert in the world, as well as assisting a local community project in Marrakech. For for more information please call the Fundraising Team on 01462 679540