Sunday 14 October 2018

Trek Borneo Day 3


After a long journey from the UK, our Borneo team will arrive in Tambatuan village near Kota Belud, where they will start day 1 of their trek with a 12km journey ahead of them.

Today, trekkers will pass through villages, farms and primary jungle gradually ascending from 150m up to 650m. Travelling through paddy fields, rubber plantations and fruit orchards with a couple of river crossings along the way.

This evening the team will stay overnight at Lobong Lobong village in a local community hall where they will be able to get to know the locals and take a dip in the cool water of a shallow river nearby.

Jungle Update

After just 2-4 hours sleep and a journey of around 24 hours to arrive the trekkers all woke in good spirits. We met at 6:30 for a tasty breakfast and set off promptly at 7am on our cool mini bus.

After a two hour drive we arrived at our trek start. We were greeted by Tikka who announced on arrival we may indeed call him Chicken Masala. He looked like tiger woods twin and took to doing random golf shots with no club as we looked on!

We started off in sunshine and warmth through the stunning paddy fields to our left with glorious running streams and rivers to our right, we saw beautiful flowers and fungi.

To date the only animals we had seen were dogs. We strolled along saying how pretty everything was and then we arrived at our first challenge ... a sheer drop ledge with loose mud base. Adrenaline got us through but it was a very tough hour. This is the moment all eleven of us want to tell our sponsors ‘we have earned your sponsorship’. We all felt so proud ... Angie led the way most of the walk. Jane is a keen walker and kept steady pace and Anna never stopped smiling. Liz was our motivator and constantly kept us going and Lisa took to moving down slopes on her bottom making it look like an art.

Gills sweet nature meant she constantly encouraged us all. Keiron did well and kept cheerful. Tim was a huge support to us all. Tracey was keeping up a good pace. Murray was our steady eddy at the back, ensuring everyone was moving well. Des was as ever our official Bear Grylls, a pillar of support and encouragement. We had Peter, Tikka and two other guides who all looked after us.

At our first lunch break we decided to also put our leech socks on - when Lisa announced she already had one. Then the rain started promptly and boy did it rain. We have never experienced rain like it, it made the trek incredibly hard. Our boots filled with water the ponchos were on and we got drenched… drowned rats didn’t even cut it.

We crossed rope bridges, rivers and all sorts.

A huge thunder storm started - we trekked 18k and felt every step towards the end. We had to climb what we can only describe as a water fall and stones with the steepest longest steps ever. We are staying tonight in a community centre, it is 6:30pm and so dark as the electricity failed in the storm.

We have just had our talk about the trek for day four- it’s going to be a toughie... but we are up for it!




Are you looking for a new challenge for 2019? 

We are VERY excited to announce our 2019 overseas challenge…Journey Through the Sahara. The challenge will be running 26th October - 2nd November 2019, including a 3 day trek stopping overnight to camp under the stars of the Sahara, the third largest and hottest desert in the world, as well as assisting a local community project in Marrakech. For for more information please call the Fundraising Team on 01462 679540