Friday 12 October 2018

Our Team of 11 Borneo Trekkers Set off for the Jungle


And they’re off!


Our team of 11 Borneo Trekkers have set off from Garden House Hospice Care this afternoon on their challenge of a lifetime. Families, staff and volunteers and a very special guest, the MP for North East Hertfordshire, Sir Oliver Heald, gathered to bid our adventurers farewell and a safe trip!


Borneo has some of the last untouched rainforests in the world, with wildlife and plant life that you just can’t see anywhere else. The term “challenge of a lifetime” doesn’t get handed around lightly, but this adventure in Borneo ranks highly on a lot of our team’s bucket lists, taking in the opportunity to trek through one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Join us in wishing them well and stay tuned for daily updates from the jungle!


Are you looking for a new challenge for 2019? 

We are VERY excited to announce our 2019 overseas challenge…Journey Through the Sahara. The challenge will be running 26th October - 2nd November 2019, including a 3 day trek stopping overnight to camp under the stars of the Sahara, the third largest and hottest desert in the world, as well as assisting a local community project in Marrakech. For for more information please call the Fundraising Team on 01462 679540