Wednesday 03 October 2018

Swinging 60's Quiz - Answers Revealed

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We had a fantastic night last Friday at our Swinging 60's night. Huge thanks to Stevenage Golf Club, Mr H Productions and everyone who supported and brought tickets for our very first Swinging 60’s night.

What a fantastic night of live music, courtesy of The Swinging Retros, who rocked the place with amazing 60’s sounds!

We're excited to announce the winners of our quiz... Congratulations to Wendy and Paul who have won a special Beetles vinyl!

Did you take part in the quiz and want to find out how you scored? Check out the answers below.

  1. How was the Belgian Soeur Sourire known in the UK ? THE SINGING NUNN
  2. In 1966 Frank Sinatra had a No 1 hit in 13 countries, what song? STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT
  3. Who was the oldest person to have a No. 1 hit? LOUIS ARMSTRONG
  4. How many consecutive No. 1 hits for the Beatles 1963 – 1966 ? 11
  5. What did Brian Epstein manage before the Beatles ? A RECORD SHOP
  6. Who had a disagreement over ’Bangers & Mash’ in 1961 ? PETER SELLERS & SOPHIA LOREN
  7. Which trio had 12 US No. 1 hits but only 1 in the UK ? THE SUPREMES
  8. Who was having ‘Someone Else’s Baby’ in 1960 ? ADAM FAITH
  9. Danny Williams & Andy Williams both had a No. 1 hit with which song ?MOON RIVER
  10. Gene Pitney was how long from where ? 24 HOURS FROM TULSA
  11. What was Jimmy Greaves first league football club ? CHELSEA
  12. Which British coin ceased to be legal tender on 31.12.1960 ? THE FARTHING ¼ OF A PENNY
  13. Who designed the Mini car ? ALEC ISSIGONIS
  14. 1963 – Which San Francisco ‘rock’ was closed ? ALCATRAZ
  15. What nationality was singer Manfred Mann ? SOUTH AFRICAN
  16. Who or what was the ‘The Shrimp’ ? FASHION MODEL – JEAN SHRIMPTON
  17. Who was the star of ‘Up Pompeii ? FRANKIE HOWARD
  18. What satirical magazine first appeared in UK in 1962 ? PRIVATE EYE
  19. Whose radio ‘diary’ came to an end in 1969 ? MRS DALE
  20. Real name of famous model? LESLEY DAWSON