Wednesday 26 September 2018

'Our Journey' a Poem by James Musk

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James Musk, one of our intrepid WW1 Centenary Cycle Challenge riders has written a beautiful poem in reflection of their trip of a lifetime.

Our Journey

With the luxury of planning our journey with an end in sight 
Our motley crew enlisted, readying body and bike 
We trained hard and forged relationships right from the start 
United by our challenge, our great cause  
And the centenary of our forefathers’ fight 
We rallied at St Christopher’s 
Full of nervous energy, trepidation of what lay ahead 
Our minds wandering to those a century before us 
And the magnitude of what they faced instead 
With the traffic lights behind us 
And the sun sat up high for the day  
We found our rhythm on winding country lanes 
Following the beautiful pilgrim’s way 
Then the hills were upon us 
For us rookies our first dose of pain 
In those moments we thought of insurmountable losses  
Of letters home to blighty for those who remained 
With the channel behind us, we rode the open land 
Its beauty impossible to deny 
But a century ago the truth of war deceived it 
Turned it all to mud, nothing more than a dirty lie 
In tune with our emotional journey 
The path before us rose and fell 
We regrouped, regaled, listened 
To how heaven turned to hell 
We visited battles of significance 
Listened to horror stories so difficult to comprehend  
Visited memorials and paid our respects 
To the millions of wasted souls who found a bloody end 
The countryside broke for graveyards 
Side by side so beautifully kept 
Represented for eternity in Portland stone 
Our lost boys laid down to rest 
Battle hardened we pushed on 
Often with tears in our eyes 
Muscles torn by memory and fatigue 
Every pedal another thousand lives 
Far away from the horrors of war 
We cycle for a charity who soften the fall 
Going the extra mile for patient, family and friends 
Who open their arms for one and all 
The laughter, the challenge, those rolling hills 
It’s a journey that will last forever without any regret 
Along with memories of our boys with no name  
Lest we forget

By James Musk