Friday 06 October 2017

Guysfield Care Home Opens the discussion about dying matters to family members

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Guysfield Care Home is situated in the conservation village of Willian, Hertfordshire and provides both short and long term care packages to elderly people.


After completing the first session of the ABC End of Life programme, a 2 day course designed to increase the confidence and ability of nursing and care home staff to support residents who require end of their life care.  Jane Landon & Caroline Smith, End of Life Care Educators were invited to speak by  Pawel Michalewicz, Manager, Guysfield Care Home at the‘Journey to Outstanding’ meeting forum.  An opportunity where family members could discuss any concerns with the management.


Caroline Smith and Jane Landon said “We were pleased to be asked as guest speakers to educate family members about End of Life Care.  We sensitively talked about Advanced Care Planning, and DNACPR, the last year of life, signs of dying and other related topics.  This lead to a very encouraging open discussion and the six present came away feeling very positive.


Our aim was to inform family members what to expect, and to make them feel comfortable about having difficult conversations with loved ones and staff about dying matters.  Participants particularly, found the aspect about ‘eating and drinking at end of life’ informative.  We have successfully delivered End of Life education sessions to staff at nursing and care home in North and East Herts, but we feel it is also important to engage with family members and the wider public to address misconceptions and fears surrounding End of Life Care.”

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Pawel Michalewicz, Manager, Guysfield Care Home said “We received very positive feedback from staff as well as relatives after meeting Caroline and Jane. It gave all of us extra confidence to discuss such a sensitive subjects as End Of Life care. This also provided relatives with additional form of support. I truly believe that this is a great project and we will continue to work together to educate all staff and support families in Guysfield Care Home”