Thursday 31 October 2019

Highlights from the Garden House Hospice Care Annual Meeting 2019


Around 45 people attended Garden House Hospice Care’s annual meeting on October 30th at the Hospice.


Attendees included; members from the board of trustees; CEO, Sue Plummer, staff, volunteers and local supporters.

Chairman, John Procter, opened the evening and officially launched the Impact Annual Report 2018/19 and GHHC’s Forward Strategy 2019-2022.  

The report highlights the impact Garden House Hospice Care has had on the community over a 12 month period.

John said:

“Over the last year we have increased our services and are reaching more members of our community; bringing support to those who are hardest to reach and earlier in their illness. Nationally, as demand for hospice services grows - we need to look at how we can work more innovatively within our teams and in collaboration with other social and health care providers to ensure that we are working as effectively and efficiently as we can.”

Guest Speaker, Andy Nobbs, spoke about his experience as a regular day patient to the Hawthorne Day Centre. He explained that he had struggled to find support for him and his family when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumour. He said: “We struggled to find support. The Hospice has given me a springboard to do other things to help myself.”

The Hospice was also delighted to welcome Beverley Flowers, Joint STP lead CEO East and North Hertfordshire CCG, who highlighted ‘end of life’ as an area where significant improvements have been made and can be used as a great example on how other health systems talk to each other.

Our 2018/19 reports are available at The Hospice and also on our website.