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From volunteer to member of staff

Volunteers are vital to the success of the Hospice. From a few hours a week to a few days a week, their support helps us to continue to care for local families in need of vital end of life care in our community.

Nadine is one of a number of volunteers who have since progressed to become a member of staff either here at the Hospice or in our Trading team.

“The Hospice has always been well known to me and many people that I know. People always speak highly, saying that it’s a warm and friendly place. My mother-in-law volunteered for many years and when the opportunity came I was eager to join.

“I started volunteering towards the start of 2018 as a trainee counsellor. Now I am Macmillan Bereavement Counselling Coordinator. As well as counselling clients I coordinate our amazing team of volunteer counsellors. I support clients when they first ring into the Family Support services and assist the process of allowing clients to access our services.

“Volunteers are key to us. I know that in Family Support we could not run our service without the volunteers who provide their valuable time.

“Moving from volunteer to staff member was an exciting opportunity and I am pleased to say that it has felt like a smooth transition. Staff have been welcoming and supportive in the way that they were when I volunteered. It helped that parts of the job were familiar to me and where things have been new, I have had support to carry out my role.

“If you’re thinking of volunteering for the Hospice then I can tell you the rewards are huge. Not only was I able to give something back to the community but I have also met some lovely people along the way; clients, staff and volunteers. Some friendships have definitely been formed with other volunteers and staff and I have also gained valuable experience which allowed me to apply for my current role.

“Thank you to all those who volunteer and if you are considering being a volunteer go for it. It’s a privilege, rewarding and enjoyable.”

Learn more about volunteering with the Hospice, including current voluntary opportunities, here.


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